Student, faculty member, or scholar with a J-1, F-1, H-3, M-1, or Q-1 visa

Student Health Insurance

Student Travel Insurance Specialized Health Insurance Plans for Students, Faculty, and Scholars

Do you need student travel insurance?

If you're studying, teaching, or doing research abroad, you need reliable medical protection! For a small daily fee, our student travel plans provide medical coverage, an extensive network of health care providers, and 24-hour multilingual travel assistance.

Don't get stuck with unexpected medical bills!

Your health insurance at home may not cover you when you travel outside of your home country,* and medical providers abroad may require you to pay for services before they treat you. Our plans protect you for these kinds of situations.

20+ years of experience.

Seven Corners Assist has been serving the needs of worldwide travelers for 20+ years. Remember! We're only a phone call away and ready to help, no matter where you are!

To purchase a student plan, you must be 31 days to 64 years of age and involved in full-time educational or research activities. This includes an educational, vocational, cultural exchange, or training program.

  • Non-United States citizens may travel to the United States with a J-1, H-3, F-1, M-1, or Q-1, or similar appropriate visa.
  • United States citizens may travel outside the United States with a valid passport.

*What is my home country? It's the country where you have your true, fixed, and permanent residence.

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