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Trip Protection Insurance

Trip Protection Insurance: Travel for 90 days or less Protect your trip costs, medical expenses, and your belongings

Do You Need Trip Protection?

A lot can happen to disrupt a trip! Fortunately, our trip protection plans make dealing with those disruptions much easier. Here are a few ways we help.

  • What if you get the stomach flu the day before you're scheduled to leave and can't go on your trip?  We pay for your non-refundable trip costs! We also protect you for many other covered reasons which may cause you to cancel, delay, or interrupt your trip.
  • What if you get sick when you’re traveling? What if proper medical care is not available in your location?  Your health insurance may not cover medical expenses when you are traveling. Our plans include emergency medical expense coverage, including the cost of an emergency medical evacuation if medically necessary.
  • What if your luggage is stolen, lost or damaged during your trip?  We can help with the cost of replacing many of these items. Some of our plans even provide rental coverage for specific types of sports equipment if you choose that option.
  • What if you can't find a doctor, and you don't speak the language?  Our 24/7 multilingual travel assistance team is here to help with you with many types of travel needs.

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Roundtrip Economy – Basic coverage and economical pricing

Roundtrip Choice – Good benefits at a good price with options to expand your coverage

Roundtrip Elite – Highest benefit levels with specialized options